Single Bucket Fixed Pipeline With Engine

Single bucket milking machine with an engine is suitable for large cattle fields. The system can operate without electricity and is easily portable. The automatic machine reduces the human labor by 80 to 90% and time consumed by 60 to 79%. This method helps in maintaining a uniform milking process in all the cattle and prevents errors like over milking in cattle. The 50 liters stainless steel can which comes with the equipment helps in measuring the milk quantity. The KCI Single bucket milking machine with engine  has a productivity of milking 25 cattle in an hour and the machine is suitable for milking both cows and buffaloes. 

No Of Buckets

Single Bucket

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Unit



Milk Extraction Applicable To

Cow, Buffalo


15-20 cows/hour, 20-25 cows/hour

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