Nano Milking Machine


Having a farm of cows, buffaloes or both and thinking of which milking machine is suitable and safe for your cattle? Then the KCI milking machine is your best choice. The machine has a capacity to milk 5 cattle in an hour. The fact the machine is automatic reduces your work very much. Low noise and 40 to 60 pulsators make it suitable and safe for cattle. The 1 year warranty for the product makes you not to worry about sudden malfunction. And also lose the worry about finding replaceable parts for the machine after a long time of operations. It’s all available at KCI and most importantly 24 X 7 technical support will be provided.

Number of Buckets

Single Bucket

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Unit




1-5 cows/hour

Milk Extraction Applicable to

Cow,Buffalo,Cow, Buffalo

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