Double Bucket Fixed Pipeline Without Engine


The KCI double bucket fixed pipeline milking machine is an automatic device which has the capacity to milk 30 cattle within an hour. In spite of its high speed the low noise, vacuum speed of 500 lpm and the 40/60 pulsator rate are the key features that are incorporated with consideration of the cattle welfare. An automatic drain valve is attached to the drain valve to prevent any leakage during the milking process.

The transparent filter helps in monitoring the moisture level and also prevents any contaminants. The double container helps in storage of large quantities of milk without the need of continuous can changes and saves time. The power for the entire system is provided with a 1.5 HP 500 lpm double bucket oil pump and has the capacity of milking 3 buckets parallelly.

No Of Buckets


Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece




220 V

Milk Extraction Applicable To


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