Sugarcane Juicer Machine

Are you looking for an affordable option for a sugarcane juice machine? KCI is here for you! KCI has been manufacturing Sugarcane juice machines for more than a decade and we pride ourselves in saying that our machines are being trusted by many small business owners. Our machines today have become one of the most preferred juicers among many small business owners, juice shops, and restaurants.

KCI’s Sugarcane juicer Machine’s compact design and world-class features have made it a small business owner’s choice. The machine features a ___ hp motor, its efficiency and performance are known to extract more than 98% of the sugarcane juice in a single pass. Though compact and space-saving, it has the capacity to serve up to 250 ml a minute which can serve more than 4 full glasses. Noise has always been a concern with juicers, our engineers have taken supreme care to dampen the sound and provide people with a noise-free machine. Take your business to a whole new level using KCI’s Sugarcane Juicers

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Sugarcane Juicer Machine

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1 – 1.5 hp.

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece



Power Source

Electric Motor

Extraction Capacity

Extraction Capacity

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