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Coconut Plantation is one of the major agricultural activities in many parts of South India. As the harvesting cycle of coconut is only 45 to 60 days, coconut plantation is practiced in many parts of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Goa. Though Coconut is easy to cultivate, coconut trees are never easy to climb. Climbing a coconut tree is been tiresome unless you are a seasonal climber or a traditional coconut plantation farmer.

To make coconut tree climbing easier, there are machines and equipment designed and manufactured exclusively to make the tree climber’s job easier. This has also helped overcome the reluctance of farmers involved in coconut harvesting. KCI being a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment in India, we are also involved in manufacturing high-quality coconut and palm tree climbing machines. Buy KCI agriculture sprayer, brush cutter, cow mat.

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