Shredder Cum Pulverizer -55HP



The KCI made fully automatic shredder cum pulverizer is all you need in your farm. From converting organic wastes in your farm into a highly nutrient manure to shredding any unwanted wastes, this shredder cum pulverizer does it all for you. Designed to operate by a tractor PTO and its 55 HP power can decompose any agri waste or can shred them to be used as a manure. Both dry and wet wastes can be decomposed ad shredded further using this machine.

KCI made Shredder cum Pulverizer has numerous application and is a must have in your list of farm equipment! Call us now to know the latest price!

Additional information

Power Source

55 HP

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece



Machine Capacity



1450 x 1760 x 1050mm