5HP Blowyer Chaff Cutter

5 hp blower chaff cutters are heavy-duty chaff cutting machines exclusively designed for large farming needs. Built with heavy and high speed rolling belt it is known for its consistent use in cattle farming and vermi compost manufacturing units. With large machines, we always worry about its operating capacity – But this 5 hp blower chaff cutter from KCI, is manufactured and is well known for its easy to maintains and consistent working properties. One can save up to 100 percent utility and 70 percent cost as this machine produce no wastage.

Enjoy a more economical option of chaff cutters on your large farm!

5HP Blowyer Chaff Cutter

Additional information


5 hp

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece



Power Source

Electric Motor

Cutting Capacity

1500 – 2000 kg/hr

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