2L sprayer

In today’s micro world, a micro family space is always a luxury. We try to fit in as much as possible within a small space. For example, the balcony is used as an entertainment area, playing area for children, and also as your small garden with a small potted plant. No matter how much you love your plant, overwatering of plants which results in water leakage, infection in plants, dust accumulation on the plant’s leaves are some events which are frowned upon and require a lot of time to correct.

But the KCI’s 2 liter hand compression sprayer can come as a solution for all these problems. The small size of the sprayer nozzle helps in spraying disinfectants to the plants directly without any hassle. A small user friendly hand sprayer is all you need for a hassle free and fresh indoor and balcony plants.



Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece




1 – 3 mm


Pump Sprayer

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