Chaff Cutter

Various kinds of chaff cutters

 There are various models of Chaff shaper accessible in the market, for example, Horizontal chaff cutter, Chaff Cutter Cum Pulverizer, Mini Chaff Cutter, Chaff cutter with blower. 


Level waste shaper, the greater part of the refuse cutters that are accessible are planned for the shaper edge in the vertical position. Generally when the information is taken care of from the front, yield is gotten from one or the other right or left side in the vertical kind models though in the even refuse shaper case, edge is put in the level position and consequently with the yield is gotten on a similar side as information. 

Waste shaper cum pulveriser, this machine is a multipurpose machine fit for cleaving and pummeling. It is furnished with both a chute for refuse cutting and container crushing of grains. Debris shaper cum pulveriser is furnished with various sifters to achieve distinctive crushing fineness. our chaff cutter used Goat and Co  Farm

Smaller than expected waste shaper, as the name proposes is a little measured reduced machine utilized for slashing a wide range of dry and green grain into little pieces. Appropriate for low creation limit 

Refuse shaper with blower is encouraged with radiating kind air blower and highlights controlled air shooting plans for launching slashed debris out of the framework. These are fit for tossing slashed refuse a good way off of 10m. KCI offering 1.5 HP, 2HP, 5 HP chaff cutter

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