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Agriculture Machinery – Uses & Types

With the advancement in agriculture, Agri-Machinery has become the most important part. If we talk about the growth of the agricultural sector, technology also plays an important role. Indian farmers are using Agri-Machinery for a long time. It has started with manual tools, then animal-drawn tools, and with the industrial revolution, big machinery is used …

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The Diversity of Agricultural Sprayers

various sorts of rural sprayers, there are three regular groupings, which include:  Manual sprayers  Machine sprayers  Aerial sprayers  Each of the previously mentioned Agricultural sprayer types has a few favorable circumstances and impediments. For instance, the manual sprayer is a straightforward bit of cultivating hardware, moderate and accessible for each rancher. Notwithstanding, these are more …

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Advantage & Disadvantage of Milking Machine

   Advantages of Milking Machine:- Sparing of labour costs.  Decrease of reliance on gifted homestead laborers.  Empowers raising of bigger group quality.  3-4 times quicker than hand draining.  Increment in the milk yield.  Increment in the nature of milk.  Diminishes worry all through the lactation by making great draining schedules. Dis Advantages of Milking Machine:- …

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