Advantages of chaff cutter

Advantages of chaff cutter

 A chaff cutter is a mechanical device for cutting straw or hay into small pieces before being mixed together with other forage and fed to horses and cattle. This aids the animal’s digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food.



You pay just for the expense of the feed (less on the off chance that you become your own). As meager as half of the expense of economically delivered refuse. 

You produce your refuse as and when you need to utilize it hence keeping it overall quite new for your creatures. They will like it as well. 

You can add whatever supplements you need to during the teasing cycle. Adding minor components or sledge processed grain, and so on is simple. 

It is ideal to give your creatures the newly made debris in a box or other taking care of gear. Doing this will take out misfortunes of feed through stomping on, pollution with pee and dung and it guarantees the creatures don’t simply select the delectable pieces and abandon the rest. Regularly the stalky bits that they eat is additional fiber that they would abandon whenever they took care of the entire feed. Limit misfortunes by 20 – 30%. 

You know precisely what you are taking care of your creatures.

* Chaff cutters operated by 1.5hp,2hp,3hp and 5hp electric motor
* Blower type chaff cutter
* Horizontal chaff cutter
* Chaff cutter cum pulverizer

* Horizontal chaff cutter cum pulverizer

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