Advantage & Disadvantage of Milking Machine

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 Advantages of Milking Machine:-

  • Sparing of labour costs. 

  • Decrease of reliance on gifted homestead laborers. 

  • Empowers raising of bigger group quality. 

  • 3-4 times quicker than hand draining. 

  • Increment in the milk yield. 

  • Increment in the nature of milk. 

  • Diminishes worry all through the lactation by making great draining schedules.

Dis Advantages of Milking Machine:-

Older Cattle : The most clear inconvenience will accompany more established cows. Typically used to hand draining, more seasoned dairy animals will experience difficulty changing in accordance with programmed draining apparatus. This may expand their feelings of anxiety, and accordingly the milk quality. Fortunately, the cutting edge will be utilized to the draining apparatus, which makes this a momentary inconvenience. 

Also, the hardware will require a steady flexibility of power. This implies in instances of harm to the force gracefully framework or during power outages, the dairy homestead won’t have the option to work appropriately. These impacts can anyway be limited with crisis power flexibly frameworks. 

At last, while not in fact a weakness since the staff whenever recruited for that, draining apparatus require exacting cleaning strategies. For sure, inappropriately cleaned apparatus can prompt contaminations.

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