High Power Shredder Cum Pulverizer


Any Organic matter is considered to be a waste is not at all a waste. Yes, we can convert any type of farm waste, garden waste etc., ( dry& wet) into highly nutrient organic manure by shredding them into small pieces and getting them decomposed. We are happy to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers of Shredders which is used for shredding any type of organic waste into small pieces for manufacturing organic manure. The following are the salient features of our machine: • Can shred hard and soft farm waste such as Coconut Husk, Branches of trees , Coconut Frond & Harvested banana trees.

The organic matter shredded will be in small pieces to enable the farmer to make use of the same for manufacturing direct manure/organic manure and Vermi Compost.

Our Shredder cum Pulverizer can be operated with a Tractor PTO Operated.The power from the Tractor — 50 HP and above — is transmitted to the Shredder cum pulverizer assembly. The Assembly consists of one fixed blade and five circular blades. The sturdy construction of machine assures the long life and durability of the machine.

  • Length : 1450
  • Width: 1760
  • Height: 1050
  • Blade Length : 360/li>
  • Blade Width: 100
  • Blade Height: 12
  • Chute Length : 780/li>
  • Chute Width: 415
  • Chute Height: 250
  • Pulverizer Length : 180/li>
  • Pulverizer Width: 60
  • Pulverizer Height: 12