Ground Nut Thresher

Ground Nut Thresher

Salient Features:
Shortage of farm workers has forced us to manufacture Groundnut Thresher.

The conventional method of threshing ground nut is to employ tens of farm workers in a single day to pull out the crop from the farm land and to thresh the groundnut with palms.

This method is time consuming and human consumption itself will be heavy. Further, the ground nuts would be left unnoticed in the crop itself.

Totally, the time consumed, wastage, labour charges would be very high in the traditional method of threshing.

The farm owners have felt the sigh of relief after using our Groundnut thresher.

In our machine, the harvested crop has to be fed into the feeding chute and our machine separates the groundnuts from the harvested crop whether it is green or dried. This machine is operated with Tractor PTO and also with Electric Motor.

The Capacity of this machine is 500 Kgs per hour.

The Machine is portable and can be taken to any other places since; it has been attached with 2 tyres.