Chaff Cutter 2 HP


The CHAFF CUTTER is working with single phase electrical motor or Diesel Engine. 1 Hp, 2 Hp and 3 Hp and 5 HP models available. CHAFF CUTTERS are very useful for Cattle Farm and Vermi compost organic manure manufacturing units. Easy to maintain and will work for a long time. By using the CHAFF CUTTER for the Cattle Feed no wastage is produced. We save 70% money and 100 % utility and the payback period is 3 months only. This machine is very economical.

Power from the motor is transmitted to the cutting blades assembly. Cutting blades assembly consists of 2 blades which are connected in a circular frame. The blades are rotated perpendicular to the feed so as to perform the cutting operation.

Fill the gear box with 20W 40 oil. Up to level indicated The revolving teeth rollers, 4 bushes at 2 sides are to be lubricated daily before starting the machine.

Technical Speifications:

  • Overall Dimension (LxWxH) mm-1300 x 900 x 1400

  • Power Source-2 HP Electrical or Diesel Engine

  • Blade Rotation Speed RPM – 1400 RPM

  • Blade Size (mm) 88 40x 17 x 2.35

  • No. of Blades 2 nos

  • Feeding Chute mm. 205 x 110