Axial Flow Paddy Thresher


  • This Machine is capable of threshing 50-60 bags of paddy in one hour. Two acres of paddy can be threshed by the machine in one hour
  • The Thresher is driven by 10 HP Diesel Engine or Tractor PTO or 15 HP Electric motor
  • Threshing efficiency of the machine is 100% and cleaning efficiency is 98%
  • Paddy Straw is not cut into pieces
  • No breakage in paddy grains and therefore the threshed grains can be used for seed purposes
  • The thresher is maintenance free and capable of running continuously without any breakdown
  • This machine requires less energy with 10 HP diesel engine, it consumes 1.5 litre diesel in one hour
  • Straw is expelled from the machine automatically. So there is no need of straw walker
  • The expelled straw has no paddy grains. This reduces labour required for collecting grains from threshed straw
  • The thresher is provided with four stands. So, there is no need of removing the tyres during threshing operation.