4 Walker Paddy Threshers


Four Walker: Eight Ribs Type. Grain Thresher Suitable to Thrash Paddy in the Field: Grain Thresher is a simple devise to Thresh Paddy, Ragi, Jowar, Maize, Sunflower, Wheat etc. To thresh Paddy from the Straw and separates the grain from sand and immatured black grain simultaneously.

  • It can thresh nearly 15 Quintals of grains per hour. # As a labour saving devise it reduces the labour requirement in the peak harvesting season.

  • The machine crush the paddy straw and make it palatable as cattle feed.

  • The Working parts can be replaced with locally made spares which facilitates easy maintenance.

  • This machine can be owned by large farmers as well as small farmers, who can hire this machine to his neighbors on rental basis.

4 Walker Machine Run By : 10 HP Electric Motor or 8-10 HPAir cooled diesel Engine. The Thresher has Bullock Cart device to move place to place in any corner of the field. Special Feature: Paddy Thresher machine consists of Threshing Cylinder, Oscillating Box, Straw Walkers, Winnowing and Cleaning attachment.

  • The chases of the Paddy Thresher is made of high quality M.S.Iron.

  • The Beater Cylinder is made of Cast Iron Rings, Sheets Metal and Toothed Racks and is fitted on the main shaft running on two numbers of Heavy Pedestal Bearings. Various pulleys of different sizes are fitted on this shaft to transmit power to Winnowing and Fan attachment.

  • Inspection door is provided at the top side of the body to clean the grains & to remove the straws and unwanted materials if any clogged during operation.

Crop Suitability: The only adjustment for using this for various crops is the Cylinders speed and the clearance between the Cylinder and the concave.

Bearing: Total 23 numbers of genuine and standard size Ball Bearings are fitted in the Paddy Thresher easy replacement and are regularly available in the market.

Drive : Either an electric Motor or Diesel Engine can be used by fitting a pulley of 5"